The fragrance in this perfume is made solely from suspected endocrine disruptors polluting human milk. You can smell the dose of toxic substances that an infant eats with mom’s milk in 6 months of breastfeeding.

In EU known and suspected endocrine disruptors - linked to various diseases, like infertility , hormonal related cancers, diabetes, neurological problems – can be found in plastics, detergents, cosmetics and perfumes, that you may be using.

But you don’t know, because the EU Commission doesn’t require to warn about them on the labels.

Some experts claim that these substances don’t get into your body. In our experiment we created a perfume using only suspected endocrine disruptors from fragrances present in cosmetics and detergents, found in human milk. It shows that not only they do get into our tissues, but that they can be fed to infants – one of the most vulnerable groups, when it comes to consequences of exposure.

European Union promised to protect people from exposure to ED many years ago, recognising potentially irreversible effects of these substances for our health, especially for pregnant women and babies. Till now, we are still waiting for regulations.

Why endocrine disruptors pose threat?

Hormones regulate all life processes

Hormones regulate all life processes. Hormones sends signals to various tissues about what and when to do. Disrupting hormones during developmental phase can have influence on any organ function, from sexual to neurological.

No safe dose

Hormones can act in doses 1 per billion – it’s like one drop of water in Olympic pool. That’s why scientists claim that when it comes to ED, there is no safe threshold.

It’s not enough to ban them in toys, if you can find it in fragrances you inhale or detergents that later on get into the water you drink. .

They are everywhere

We need

We need a revolution in the way we think about pollution – it’s not anymore only about oceans and icebergs, but ours and our childrens’ bodies.

That is why, together with TÜV NORD, independent testing service, we created a new certificate of ED safety, open for every producer on the market.

a revolution!

EDCs are a global threat that we need to resolve

Together we can change it

to EU Parliament, to introduce ED

warning on the labels